Building a Better Canada

5,000 Veterans leave the military each year. Many of them enter retirement and many are ill or injured, but a substantial number are healthy and in need of gainful employment, whether in a first or second career.

What a Veteran Can Offer

Canada’s Veterans and service men and women are known around the world for their skills, abilities and expertise. They are admired for their teamwork and leadership and have executed their duties faithfully and effectively. They have abundant experience. They’ve been trained by the best. And they are proven to perform under the toughest conditions.

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Hiring a Veteran Can Be Good For Business

5,000 exceptional individuals will enter the civilian workforce this year.

These people are Canadian military veterans, who are transitioning into civilian roles. They are eager to apply their unique skills in your company.

Maybe you’re not sure they’d be a good fit. Your workplace, after all, is different than the military. But could it benefit from a disciplined employee who values teamwork and prizes results? If so, consider the merits of hiring a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).